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2022-2023 PRODUCTS

Speaking Of Podcast

Allison Puga (Speech-Language Pathology)

Promoting a Medical Home for Infants or Children who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing: Using Virtual Podcasts for Professional Development

Hanan Hamad, Danielle Kopplin, & Kiri Rao (Audiology)

Child Opportunity Index and Developmental Outcomes in a High Risk Infant Population

Nicole Nghiem (Pediatrics)

Development with the Submission for Pediatric Mental Health National Fellowship

Lesley Fuentes & Abigail Watkins (Occupational Therapy)

Inclusion of ID/DD Content in Nursing Education Curriculum

Serge' Nelson (Nursing)

Grace and Space in Interdisciplinary Practice

Jessica Savage (Nutrition), Tatev Sarkissyan (Special Education), & Rachel Galindo (Nutrition)

Exploring Early School Recollections of Adults with Disabilities

Emily Rourke (Occupational Therapy), Molly Williams (Social Work), & Emily Frake (Special Education)

Preparing the Next Generation of Public Health Leaders

Gabrielle Villa (Public Health)

 Increasing Access to Targeted Mental Health Resources in an FQHC setting

Monica Martinez (Occupational Therapy) & Shelby Smallwood (Public Health)

A Comparison of DAYC and Bayley Assessments in the High-Risk Infant Population

Jasmine Ke (Pediatrics)

Psychometric properties of the Alberta Infant Motor Scale and translated versions when used for infant populations cross- culturally: a systematic review

Michael Kong (Physical Therapy)

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Weight in Children and Youth with Spina Bifida

Rachel Kimmel (Nutrition)

Early Identification of Autism Spectrum Disorder Before the Age of Three

Ashley Galvan (Nutrition) & Kimberly Willis (Occupational Therapy)

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