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Improving Regional Center (RC) website navigation and transparency of available resources

Michael Baldauf Jr. (Nursing), Ruth Lemus (Nursing), Natalia Lewis (Family Support)

Supporting Mental Health and Well-Being of LGBTQIA+ Children in Foster Care

Delanie Morales (Psychology), Rebecca Wynsma (Psychology), Savannah Sweet (Psychology), Chiquanna Anderson (Psychology)

Evaluating and promoting the use of interpreter services in early intervention environments and services settings.

Zvart Abaryan (DBP), Maggie Dade (DBP)

Let California Kids Hear Act (SB 635)

Hannah Wilson (Audiology), Jazmin Miramontes (Audiology), Caitlyn Francis (Psychology), Vanessa Aguilera (SLP)

Creating Sensory-Friendly Public Environments to Support Access to Community Participation

Jessica Frausto (OT), Jesslyn Ponce (OT), Molly Dalziel (OT), Tania Herrera (OT)

Increasing the workforce for ABA therapy by establishing or offering a grant for training (Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)) at local community organizations

Sophia Park (Pediatrics)

California’s Employment First Policy

Ben Schwartzman (FS/Special Education), Jacob Rosales (Nutrition)

Bipartisan Support Needed to Fully Fund the WIC Re-Authorization of 2024

Karnie Babikian (Nutrition), Christina Armendariz (Nutrition), Jessica Martinez (Nutrition)

Barriers to Early Intervention for Latinx Families and Promising Interventions

Licetz Montoya (Public Health), Ricardo Hernandez Arango (Public Health), Kaitlyn Crawford (SLP)

Advocating for Access: Improving Statewide Access to Behavioral Health Support Services for Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Disabilities including, Autism Spectrum Disorder

Angelina Iyamah-Wilson (FS), Kai Iwamoto (PT), Kalala Pines (PT)

Early Dental Home Initiative: Uniting for Children's Oral Health

Hailey Yoo & Shauna Shaufai

Feeding the Future: Strategies for Healthy Food Access in Childcare Centers

Aida Dadashzadeh & Najwa Howard

Expanding Medicaid coverage for sealant placement on primary teeth

Jamie Chang & Grace Kim

Improving the Oral Health of Children Through Education

Anais Olivares & Simrun Sandhu

Oral hygiene initiative to improve oral health and health literacy among children through community centers (Pilot: Thai speaking communities/Thai Town, Los Angeles)

Hayley Botwin & Sara Ardehali


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